Kent (Marine) Cadet Force

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Past Cadets

Jack Collins

London Visit to Imperial War Museum

Chris Moag 2007


Junior runners up Kent 5 aside

Cadet Camp 2007

January 2008

Summer Camp 2007

February Training Weekend 2010

Green Beret Cadets

The 15 year olds

Map reading lesson

The green Beret Cadets and the Combat fitness test

After 2 miles

After 3 miles

Those that Completed the CFT

After an aeroplane crash the black beret cadets have to survive by building a shelter (section 1)

Section 2

Meal time

Some of the Cadets at Mereworth

Our guard on sentry duty

Even the instructors need discipline

April Training Weekend

Black Beret Cadets

Black Beret Cadets Relaxing

Potential Green Berets

Green Berets

Black Beret Cadets Tanning

Potential GB's Map reading

Summer Camp 2010

Inspection Time

The cadets start to prepare their tent ready for inspection, in this case the Black Beret and Potential Green Beret tent.


Here the Green Beret cadets are briefed on the week ahead.

Black Beret and Potential Green Beret Cadets

The cadets here are being briefed for an excersise.

Christmas Day Breakfast

This day was Christmas Day and the cadets enjoyed a traditional fry up.

Christmas Dinner

The cadets are served their christmas dinner.

Tucking in to Christmas Dinner

The cadets enjoy their Christmas roast with a cold glass of Apple and Blackcurrant squash.

And Crackers Too

Christmas crackers for everyone and the only time hats were allowed in the mess.

A Dip in the Pool

Camp even had the boxing day dip, don't worry though the water was at least a couple of degrees above freezing.

The Green Berets

The Green Beret cadets prepare to leave for the 3 Day Exercise.

The Potential Green Beret Cadets

The Potentials prepare for their 10 mile walk to Area A (West Hythe) for the 3 Day Exercise.


The Green Berets get ready to go out on a patrol.

Their reward

After completing the 3 Day Exercise the Green Berets must carry the captured radios and weapons back to their RV.

Time for a Brew

The Green Berets enjoy a hot drink after completing the 3 Day Exercise.

Off Road Buggy

The Buggy goes off road and scales a hill.

Ready to Go

The Black Berets prepare to leave for their 10 miler, a ten mile walk with an overnight stop.

Home Safe and Dry

The black Berets return from their 10 miler at 08:00 hrs tired but in good spirits.

Standing Guard

Meal Time

The cadets sit down for dinner, in this case Steak Pie, Mash and Beans.

Out in the Field

Out in the woods for a lesson.

Time for a Nap

It's 14:00 hrs and this exhausted cadet takes a nap.

Smiles All Round

Another day at camp and cadets couldn't be happier about it.

Green Berets Out in the Field

The Green Beret cadets out in the field in their desert camoflage.

Returning to Camp

The Green Berets return to camp after an evening out in the field.

Potential Green Berets Out in the Field

Here the Potentials are taught a lesson on ambushes.

The Day Out

During camp the cadets have a day out where they get to unwind and relax this year it was Go Karting at Lydd.

Ready to Go

The first group of cadets get ready to hit the track.

Track Side

The next group of cadets get ready for their race.


Senior cadets and staff members race together. The junior cadets each picked a name out of a hat, whoever had the winners name won £5!

And They're Off

The race begins.

Time for a Swim

The day out is concluded with a swim at Hythe swimming pool.

Building the Sanger

The Potential Green Berets build a Sanger (Fortified Position) ready for the display.

Test Day

Test day was on the friday this year and here cadets are attempting the rope cross.

Rope Cross Courage

For some the rope cross is a big mental challenge but it was completed successfully by all.

The Webbing Run

This is perhaps one of the biggest physical challenges undertaken by the cadets, many don't succeed first time but they almost always return the following year to conquer this test.

High Spirits

It's not often someone smiles like this whilst doing the webbing run.

The Display

The Potential Green Beret cadets assault the Sanger with the support of a 432 armoured vehicle.

Defending the Sanger

The Green Beret cadets defend the sanger against the odds.


The Potentials are joined by the Black Berets on their assault.

Final Advance

The Potentials and Black Berets make their final advance to take the Sanger.

Tank Rides

After the display the cadets enjoy rides on the 432.

Tank Rides

Even the staff and guests have a ride on the 432.

If You Go Into the Woods Today...

The cadets ride the 432 accross varying terrian.


The armoured vehicle is escorted back by our Land Rover.

Kent (Marine) Cadet Force and Guests

Here all the staff, cadets and guests are pictured infront of the 432 armoured vehicle.

Home Time

With camp packed away and the field cleared that's it until next year. Thankyou to all those who helped and well done to all those who attended!

September Training Weekend 2010


Lunchtime for the Black Beret cadets.


The cadets tuck into hot soup and tiger loaf bread.

Getting ready to go

Black Beret and Potential cadets get ready to go out.

Potential Green Berets Surviving

The Potential Green Beret cadets in their harbour area.

New Potentials

The New Potential cadets hard at work.