Kent (Marine) Cadet Force

Staff and Instructors

Andrew Dorrell; (EDI Level 2 NVQ in Team Leadership, Diploma Business & Admin Commanding

Anyone that joins the unit now has the greatest gift besieged upon them, that is try something they never thought was possible and to actually achieve it.

I am as passionate about this cadet unit and its individuals that attend, as I am about my football team, Leeds. I will endeavour to keep the ethics of the unit running for as long as I live but some people think that maybe forever.

Capt. Simon McCarthy; (QM)

I first joined Kent (Marine) Cadet Force back in November 2001 at the age of 13 and passed my Green Beret in 2002. Having only ever wanting to be in the army but not being able to due to my diabetes I decided that cadets would be the next best thing, now I have been at KMCF for 12 years I can honestly say that it was the best decision of my teenage life and I would not change a thing as I would have missed out on all the laughs, friendships and experiences along my cadet and staff career.

Having reached QM is the biggest achievement I have made in my life as I could never have seen myself in this position back then even now I feel KMCF has pushed me to gain as much as I can out of life whenever I can.

Capt. Jamie Roberts

I joined the unit in 2008 after being medically discharged from the Army. I enjoy teaching the cadets many skills that will be absorbed into their minds that may help them adjust to the pressures of life. I also teach them karate which I am qualified to do so. Currently teaching the Green Beret section. Recently promoted to 2nd Lt and very happy!

Tina Roberts; (EDI Level 2 NVQ in Team Leadership) Unit Admin and Welfare Officer

Currently the 'mum' of the unit assisting on the welfare of the lads and lasses. I am also the first point of contact with all new entry's and to assist with any queries parents may have.

We would like to welcome our newest Junior members of staff.

Sgt Jacob Boswell

Ex Cadet since the age of 10, has now been with the unit for 7 years.
Black Beret section instructor.

Cadet Ambassador

Cadet Jacob Barden


No staff member of the unit has been commissioned by the Queen and therefore only hold their rank within the unit, on no account should they be mistaken for Her Majesty's Armed forces and only addressed as Mr or Mrs . The rank structure is to maintain the units discipline and Constitution.